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Adaptive Access Management.

We utilize machine learning to recognize people’s behaviour and potential threats.

Many organisations nowadays use many in-house and cloud applications for performing their core activities. It is crucial to ensure that staff have the appropriate access rights to any of these applications, even when they change roles, names or workplaces. Not being able to manage this complexity on time can lead to unauthorised access to your systems, compliance breaches and, thus, audit failures. TrueXess has been developed to reduce this complexity through workflow automation, biometrics, machine learning and risk management.

Benefits for organizations
Access removed on time
User access verification processed on time
Contractors granted only required access
Access risk level

Our History


The beginning

TrueXess was Founded in Poland in Europe in 2012, then under the name SAAMS to help companies in the utility sector to meet regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. In a few years, SAAMS became the central Identity and Access management platform used by the Veolia group across all subsidiaries in Poland.


New Partners

To also serve the Asia-Pacific region and to improve its service offering, SAAMS partnered with Novimix in 2020.



In 2021 Novimix acquired SAAMS, rebranded it to TrueXess and moved its headquarters to Auckland CBD, New Zealand. TrueXess is currently in the Netherlands, Poland, Indonesia and New Zealand.